Da Da

Whoa! She said it. She said it!! Hannah just looked at me and said “DaDa.” I’d forgotten what a great feeling that is. Her eyes just lit up and it’s the cutest thing…only kid of ours to do this….she actually sticks her tongue up and almost out of her mouth to make the “da” sound. Do you know how absolutely adorable a little baby’s tongue is?!?!?!?

And in those two syllables, she said so much more. She just told me that she trusts me, that she needs me and that she wants me to help her grow into the woman God made her to be. She told me to protect her, to love her and to make her feel like the princess she is. She even told me to get ready for when she asks for stuff and to go out with her friends and if it’s ok to go out with a boy. I heard all of that and more when she said, “DaDa.”

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