Couldn’t Sleep

I don’t know exactly what it is, but God is doing something. I tried going to bed and tossed and turned and finally had to get up. I wrote down the stuff that was clouding my mind of all that needed to get done and was drawn to a read a book my wife has for a study she’s doing…Let Prayer Change Your Life. After a couple hours I finished the book.

I really think God is calling me to a deeper walk with Him. A “move out of the way Jason,” Spirit-directed, uber-dependent, “watch me work” kinda walk. I’m a bit excited. Maybe this is what that desert time has been leading up to.

Either way, I’m thankful that I’m really sensing God’s interest in me again. And I’m thankful I can still get a few hours of sleep, after all it is 3AM. I’ll keep you posted.

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