A day off of thinking and being consumed by “church stuff” is a welcome relief. One of the things I love to do is build stuff. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh-cut wood or the sound of power tools to make you feel like a man (or at least like grunting)

So a few weeks back, when Lora was out of town, I wanted to surprise her with some home improvements. Long story short is that I didn’t get it all done and was left working on it only every Wed (which I usually try to take off). I finally have the bench installed although it’s still not painted/stained or has the drawers that will go below. But I’m now on to the table that should match it. Figured I’d post a couple pictures of the progress. Not having all the necessary tools at my house made this a long project, but the table should be easier since it can all be completed at Claude’s workshop before being brought home.

And of course, none of this has anything to do with planting a church except to point out that pastors need a break (and maybe that more seating allows room for more guests around the table?)

Isn’t that what the church is supposed to be like anyway though? Constantly expanding and making room for more and more people to come in and eat. Man, does that mean that even my day off isn’t a day off? Or does it mean that all of life is ministry? Option “B” seems to fit best. We’re not called to go to church, build a church or even really plant a church as much as we’ve been called here to “BE” the church.

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