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It was Chandler’s birthday yesterday and he turned 7. As a typical boy, he wanted an “army” party. We just had a few kids over and of course the big kids (Cannons and Stricklands). Lora did a great job giving them walkie-talkies and directing them to find some hidden army men while the ‘grown-ups’ tried to ambush and capture the kids. Cap guns, swords, camo clothing, etc… a blast. Only downer was we had absolutely no way to light Chandler’s candles on fire – no lighter, matches, nothing. Oh well, he’s still 7, had a good time and didn’t care.

Then, afterwards, we really got a blessing when we went to the Carolina Pregnancy Center’s annual banquet. Almost 800 people there and that alone blew me away, but to hear the stories of life-change because of the faithful service of the staff at the center, it was wonderful. There have been at least 100 more babies born in the last few years because of them. Heard from a couple post-abortive people sharing their testimonies, a couple people who carried out their unplanned pregnancy, and a bit from the board and some workers. Bill McCartney (former University of Colorado football coach and founder of Promise Keepers) was the keynote and did a very good job. He’s had his own experience with unplanned pregnancy that he shared and is somewhat recounted in this recent article.

It’s just great to see and hear about other organizations that are Christ-centered and working to serve the community. Thanks Carolina Pregnancy Center.

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