Coming Together

It’s so encouraging when people pull together to make something happen. Preparations for moving to the Boys and Girls Club are in full swing. All the chairs are here and Claude and I have been doing grunt work – specifically working on welding up some carts for moving the 20 lb padded folding chairs we’ll be using. Since welding isn’t my thing, I didn’t know about “flash burn,” but I do now. I was up Tuesday from 2-4 in the morning with my eyes hurting and watering and feeling like I was gonna go blind. I guess I burned my eyeballs when I was helping Claude do the welding. Won’t do that again.

We put a proto-type cart together and took it up to the BGC to make all our measurements were correct and it’s a good thing because we discovered a little issue that we needed to fix before we went and made all 5 carts. While we were reworking the design, I got my “24 hour notice” phone call that our stage was going to be delivered. . . now! So with 10 actual minutes of lead time, I had them deliver it to the BGC and we offloaded it from the truck. Man, that thing looks great. Only one problem. Those carts won’t fit through the doors either. Don’t know what we’re going to do about that yet. Replacing the non-standard doors isn’t an option though. So with 400-500 pounds of steel to cut and weld up, Claude’s busy working on the other 4 carts, while I’m off to the post office to send out our second direct mail piece. It’s only Wednesday and I feel like it should be Friday.

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