Color Explosion

Around here we jokingly refer to our youngest as “a terrorist.”  There’s pretty much nothing safe when she’s around.  As I type, her brothers and sister are scouring the house searching for a little turtle that she’s been accused of either losing or maybe even flushing!  Just a little while ago, I went out to the van and found this scene.  It was a color explosion!

Apparently when I got home yesterday and was unloading, she climbed in.  I knew this.  But she must have found the box of Nerds (obviously), dumped and ate some, and then climbed back into the back seat where I found her and brought her inside when I finished unloading.  The “terrorist” strikes again.

Oh well, that was a whole lot easier to clean up than the liter-sized cup of Dr. Pepper that fell out of the refrigerator and sprayed ALL OVER EVERYTHING this morning.  But at least the fridge, floor, cabinets and Lora are super-duper clean now!


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