I can’t hold back any longer. I’ve come to grips with it and am willing to admit it publically, my daughter is just plain clumsy. In fact, she’s so clumsy I actually find it humorous. She was jumping on the bed this morning, got to close to the edge and one foot missed so she bounced off the bed. She can be running across a room and trip on an invisible line. She can try to sit on something and just flat out miss and land on her bottom. She bumps her head, skins her knees, has bruises all over her legs from the things she runs into. She walked right into the wall because she missed the doorway not too long ago. I guess it wasn’t big enough at three feet across. Now, she is smart as a whip, but clumsy as an ox….at least at this stage of her little life. That’s why I’m calling her by her new nickname…Clumsilina.


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