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One of things we love to do is have fun.  If you didn’t know, I’m a big practical joke kinda guy.  So much so that one time I “stole” Randy’s car (with the help of his parents and others) and painted it pink, decked it out in Hello Kitty stuff with spinners and curb feelers and made him drive around town that way for a few months.  With 12,000+ people, Catalyst presented a great opportunity to pick on Claude.  I printed up a bunch of Claude heads (click the link to download and print your own – Claude is speaking this Sunday so he might be more comfortable if he was surrounded by himself), stapled them to paint sticks and passed ’em out and put them in some rather conspicuous spots.  If you’ll click on the first picture you can see Claude looking up at the speaker from the floor of the stage (hint: you can see him hiding under the piano)

There were screens all around that people watched for words during worship and any videos they played.  Claude liked being there up close.  He even built a bigger fan base than he already has and whole groups wanted to be like Claude.  I hear he even ended up watching people in the bathroom (now that’s creepy!)  Long live Claude!

Claude having a good time at Catalyst
A Catalyst attendee trying not to make eye contact
with the creepy Claude head

Some of Claude’s fans (including the pastor 
of Wilson Community Church and his wife!)

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