Christmas Is Coming

Things have been a little bit more exciting lately.  I guess I thought that after a couple years, the work of starting a church would slow down or mellow out.  I was wrong….so wrong.  But that’s just fine.  There’s still thousands of people right here in Pitt County that haven’t met Jesus in a life-changing way, and thousands of others who aren’t growing and aren’t connected to any kind of church.  We’re working to change that.

That said, we start a new series this weekend and it should be great.  I’m excited about it and excited to get back to speaking after a couple weeks off (and I think Dusty did a great job).  If you like Christmas lights, you’ll like this week.  If you like presents you’ll love next week and if you don’t like all the “holiday” and “X-mas” stuff replacing CHRISTmas, then you won’t want to miss the 23rd.  We’ll pack everything up on the 30th and look back over what God has done this last year.  All while trying to answer the question “So This Is Christmas?”  

And have I mentioned that this year we get to do a Christmas Eve service?  I’m stoked about that, not to mention that we get to leave our stuff set up for the whole week of Christmas which means a lot less stress and work (at least the physical labor kind).  We’re only doing one service and I don’t know if we’ll be able to fit everyone, but we’re gonna try.  Service will be at 7PM and last an hour.  If we can get everything we’ve talked about, this will be one service you won’t want to miss!

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