Christians And Politics?

While some people loathe politics, I actually enjoy it to a degree.  At a men’s Bible study this morning we were going through Romans 13 and it talks about obeying the government and authorities which naturally lead us to be discussing politics and the upcoming election and whether or not Christians need to be actively involved or just have the freedom to be actively involved.  it was a good discussion.

Now, if all authorities have been placed there by God like Paul talks about, then perhaps a fixation on the political arena is not a good thing since it’s God’s will regardless of our wants.  However, if Christians are to be salt and light and in the world without conforming to it, then what better place to instigate change on a large scale then in government?

I’ve certainly got opinions, but what I’d like to hear is your ideas on how involved and important (if at all) Christian involvement is in the political process and in the world of government?  Tell me what you think?


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