Christianity – safe?

I just finished watching some videos with stories of people from around the world who have been targets of hate and hurt simply because they are Christian. I’ll show a clip or two on Sunday in the service so people can see and hear for themselves what some of our brothers and sisters in Christ are going through. I’m not talking about name calling either…beatings, prison, executed, burned, shot, raped, one man’s head almost severed from his body (and he lived!) And in the face of it all, they do not turn from Christ, but run to him. Click here for just one story from Voice of the Martyrs

What do we do in America? Complain. Boycott. Petition. Maybe we should live out the faith we profess to have in bold ways that may even invite persecution. In the words of one of many persecuted Christians, “Don’t pray against persecution, pray for perseverence” [Pastor Fikret Bocek, Turkey]

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