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Just to start, it’s gotten colder and I’m sitting here eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Something about cold weather and warm food makes me happy. Anyhow, enough of the random thoughts.

I’m way behind in posting and feel a bit bad about it (but I’m over it now). So much going on the past few days. PARTnership party on Saturday (pictures coming later), great service on Sunday, a trip to Raleigh yesterday to get a couple MacBooks because we’re making the switch and then we’ve got a big planning meeting for stuff next year that’s coming up this weekend. Whew!

Briefly, the PARtnership party was great. Most of out PARtners were able to attend and did whatever they could to get there considering the traffic, accidents, and other events that tried to keep some away. Some of the costumes were absolutely hilarious (again, check back later for pictures) and we gave out some fun awards as well as out first Outstanding PARTner of the Year award. We had two this year – Randy and Laci Stickland and Kim Kazda. If you know ’em, you know why they got it. A few of the big news items announced were –
1) there are two guys (Aron and Jim) who are in the process of securing funding so they can move up here in the coming months. Aron will work with Students and Families and Jim will help with Outlets and Next Steps. Real excited about that.
2) we’re assuming we’re going to continue to grow at this pace which means after the first of the year, we’ll be moving to two services (most likely 9:09 and 11:11)
3) we’ve been given the ok to do some permanent install stuff in the children’s area which will take it up a huge notch. We’ve budgeted $3500 for it and will be needing help with some of the install.
4) we’ll be renting on Saturday night now to help with making setup more regular and dependable and provide another growth opportunity when we need to start a service on Saturday nights

You’ll have to talk to a PARTner to hear about any other announcements and there’s one I left out on purpose so you’ll do just that. It’s in the dream stage, moving into the prayer stage, but it would have to be a God thing for sure.

Sunday was great…I’ve been encouraged by the questions, comments and conversations that are coming out of this series (Will It Blend?) If you’ve missed it, check out the podcasts. (one other thing bit of news is that we’ve saved enough to buy some cameras so hopefully by the first of the year we’ll have things in place so you can watch online too!)

Then yesterday, we finally pulled the trigger on a decision we’ve put off for almost 6 months. We’re moving to Macs. Discovery Church is now the owners of a MacBook Pro

a couple MacBooks

For those that care, we’re changing our presentation software to ProPresenter as well (it’s mac only) I’ve got a bit of learning curve ahead of me, but I think this will help us get to where we want to go.

Like I said, I’ll post a few pics later. We had our last flag football game yesterday and all I can say is I’m glad we had more non-Discovery Church people there than church folks. I like that kind of outreach (even if we don’t win – but that will change next year!!!)

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