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It’s been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged and part of me missed it and part of me didn’t.  There’s been plenty going on.  Last week I was out most of it because Lora and I took a few days to get away and celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.  Sounds like a long time, but it’s gone by really quick and I love her even more now than I did then then.  Funny how that works.

We had fun though.  Dropped the kids off with her parents and she had booked a room at our favorite Bed and Breakfast ever: The Red Rocker Inn in Black Mountain.  We went here back before we ever had kids, and a few times since.  

While most people might do something considered more “romantic” we hit the national forest and went hiking (love finding waterfalls) and made a stop at Sliding Rock which is a natural rock water slide.  Wore ourselves out, but that was a good reason to stay in our room the rest of the night.

Next day we did a little more hiking and then headed over to Asheville.  Let’s just say it’s an artsy, eclectic place with a lot of interesting people.  We stayed for the Friday night drum circle they have in the middle of a park.  


Again, interesting mix of people.

And right now, I’m updating my blog instead of working because it doesn’t take quite as much concentration since I’m watching the kids because Hannah was sick and Lora has jury duty.  Don’t get me started about the whole “civic responsibility” of jury duty.  Let’s just say I wish the people she’s heard about so far were either smarter so they didn’t get caught or dumber and just admitted that they were wrong and took their punishment.  Stupid criminals.


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