BUNT = homerun

About a week ago we finished up the OnePrayer series with a message from Steven Furtick out of Elevation Church near Charlotte, NC.  He was talking about the unstoppable power of God and ended with a story about how when he was playing little league baseball, his dad coached and wouldn’t let anyone swing the bat until they had bunted one time.  He remembered how everyone just did something (they bunted) and the whole team succeed without any superstar performances (homeruns, grandslams, etc).  We challenged people to step up and at least bunt, at least do something.  I even said B.U.N.T. stood for “Be Useful Next Time.”

We did get a few new people step up, but I don’t want to forget about all those who have gone before and bunted.  Here’s just a SMALL sampling (which means if I didn’t name you, it doesn’t mean I forgot about you, don’t appreciate you or think you’re not great – I only have so much room)

Ralph Haynes – We baptized Ralph here at Discovery Church and he’s now bunting in a crucial area: media production.  In other words, if Ralph doesn’t show up or do a good job, there will be no words on the screens to sing, no verses to read, no videos to watch.  Just last Sunday we switched a few things up on him last minute and he handled it like a champ.  Thanks for bunting Ralph.  Your bunt helped us hit a homerun Sunday (see yesterday’s post)!

Amy Wessels – We baptized Amy here at Discovery Church and now she’s bunting every week when she brings her 6 year old son out to help setup on Saturday night.  Chances are on any given week, Amy’s helped make sure our signs are out, notes/pens/information are assembled, the welcome area is ready, the preschool and nursery area is set up and everything looks “just right.” Oh, and I need to mention she also works with the little kids on Sundays too.  Thanks for bunting Amy.  Your commitment to doing something is inspiring!

Sara and Anthony Bailey – Sara works weekend nights.  That means she comes to church after being at work for the past 12+ hours.  There’s enough time for her to run home, change clothes, feed her infant son, get her three daughters ready and arrive with her husband, sometimes just in time to work in the pre-school.  Her husband Anthony comes out for setup on Saturday nights with kids in tow.  Did I mention they live about 30 minutes away?  Thanks for bunting Sara and Anthony.  You make it easy to see through other’s lame excuses for not serving.

Derick Shipley – We baptized Derick at Discovery Church and now he’s bunting all over the field.  I remember him saying he’d never lead a small group – he’s leading a small group now.  He’s also recording and posting all our sermon podcasts, updating our website and working every week in our First Impressions area.  I forgot to mention that his wife is a med student so he also helps his wife by managing the housework and cooking.  And since he’s now back in school as a full-time student, he bunts at Discovery between class, studying, papers and tests.  Thanks for bunting Derick.  Every week you contribute to a homerun.

There are literally dozens of others that bunt each and every week and when they each do their part, we all benefit.  Some people set up, some help “run the show” and still others help tear down and put it all back – every week, and I can’t thank them enough.  Thanks guys for helping us create environments where people can genuinely connect with God and serve others.

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