Bringing Home Baby and a Day Off

There She Is…
Let me just say that the whole entire family loves their new little sister Hannah. In fact, a lot of the disagreements that happen now center around who gets to hold or ‘play’ with Hannah. Who said having a big family isn’t a great thing…I wouldn’t do it any other way. Although, Hannah didn’t have a good bed time last night and after over an hour of grunting and fussing for absolutely no reason, she got moved to my closet. We both slept better after that believe it or not.

What’s This???
Yep, that’s the pool with everybody (but Mom) in it. It’s up, it’s running, it’s cool, it’s refreshing and it’s now just waiting for a deck to be built around it and some visitors to come over and test her out. Don’t know if I’d try to do it again, but do know that I’m glad I did it (and so are the kids). Thanks Gentzlers and Rice!


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