Brain Dump

I really intended (and still do) to put a few pictures on here from the PARTnership party, but I’ve come to the realization that I have some other things that NEED to get done first.

First, I need to learn how to prioritize better. I admit, I still have a problem with that whole “prioritization” thing. I took Wednesday off (like I planned) and took the boys fishing (after changing a flat tire and forgetting to teach them how to do it…missed opportunity). Still, I’ve got a huge list of things that need to be done around the house, piles of things to go through and then there’s the whole ministry part because I’m a pastor.

Some days I love the leadership part of being a pastor and other days I wish I could just be a pastor and not think about leadership stuff. It’s a tough thing to balance, at least for me. Lora’s working today which has me needing to be home because the sitter could only stick around until 1:30. I’ve got tons to do but 5 awesome kids that in about an hour will be begging for me to play with them. How do you pass that up? Seriously. My oldest is almost 11 – over half way to leaving. They’re here for such a short time. I try to err on the family side whenever I can. I don’t always, but man I love my kids and once they leave home I want to be sure they still love me and more importantly, they love the Lord and don’t resent him for “taking their dad away.”

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