Book Of Secrets

Went with my wife and oldest son to go and see National Treasure: Book of Secrets tonight. I loved the first movie and liked this one too. Wasn’t quite as “believable” as the first one but didn’t matter, great adventure and they of course left room for a potential third one (what was on page 47?)

The key to this was found in a secret book that only the President knows about (or at least can read and write in). It contained America’s secrets and supposedly explained things like area 51, JFK assassination, Watergate, the moon landing, etc. Sounds like a pretty good read. But it was secret and only the most powerful person (the President) could read it or write in it.

Reminded me a little bit about the Bible, not that the Bible is a ‘secret book,’ but that only the most powerful person (God) can write in it. But unlike the movie, one day ALL the secrets will be revealed and we’ll know God fully, experience Heaven (I can’t flippin’ even imagine) and meet and hang with Jesus (and I don’t think I’m being disrespectful saying that). You want your own adventure, treasure hunt, solve-it-yourself mystery? Start chasing after Jesus. That’s a treasure worth finding.

I admit it may sound a little hokey, but that’s what I was thinking and it’s my blog so back off.


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