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I was just thinking that lately I’ve been too close to the job. Not that I shouldn’t be working, but the old saying that the “devil is in the details” has a bit of truth to it. I think the details too easily derail me and that’s certainly not part of God’s plan. So I hit a little conference on Thursday and was reminded that I need to pull back a little and try to see the bigger picture. Here’s what I see.

  • A church where people’s lives are transformed
  • A church that’s having a positive and noticeable effect in the community
  • A place where people can find real answers for real life (not just knowledge, but solutions)
  • I see Discovery moving people from “Sunday only faith” to an “unstoppable force”
  • I see marriages being restored
  • I see families being connected (to each other and to others)
  • I see the outcasts, unlovable and forgotten ones being accepted and included
  • I see the church (which is the people) going out instead of just waiting for others to come in
  • I see people being empowered, equipped and unleashed to make a difference
  • I see hope

I see other things too, but that’s the bigger picture. Break it down more and I see work. I see obstacles. I see potential problems, questions I can’t answer, and roadblocks. But those are details. No wonder when I focus on those – when I work on those – I get tired, worn out and even depressed. Yep, the devil might be in the details but God is in the driver’s seat. I call shotgun, you comin’?

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