Big Plans – Big Dreams

I’m sitting outside where the breeze is blowing and the temperature is slowly rising, a couple of my kids are playing and the birds are singing.  I love spring time.  My parents are in NC now too – coming over today a little later.  I’ve got a wedding on Saturday, Walk 4 Life and a special populations prom that is using the Boys and Girls Club and a lot of our stuff all day and evening.  I love that we get to be a part of the community.

Lately I’ve been thinking of a lot of things (you know, like when you’re mind goes into overdrive and you can’t even really grab on to one thought at a time?).  Actually I’ve been dreaming.  I’ve been dreaming about how to make a bigger impact.  I’d love to see Discovery create a community culture – to really serve the community.  Picture this….a gathering place where all types of people (young, old, married, single, families, etc) would want to congregate and connect (with friends, family or others in the community) and it might include:

Jogging trails and walking paths
Plenty of park benches along the way
How about a splash park for those hot summer days
Picnic pavilions
Meeting space for conferences, theater/drama/improv, groups of any kind – i.e birthday parties or get-togethers – and what if it was FREE?
Throw in some of the congregating essentials – food and a few other shopping options along with adequate parking and now you’re talking.

Honestly, I’m praying for some ‘divine appointments’ with people who see the need for something like this and would be willing to help make it happen – donate land, network, whatever.  Since it’s getting into summer time, I’d love to do something to start making a Splash Park a reality.  Greenville doesn’t have many pools or lakes, but there’s plenty of hot people in the summer (and stressed out moms)

Any other ideas for creating a community gathering place where the church can INVEST in the community before (or at least while) it’s trying to INVITE people to church and Christ?


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