Before I Forget

As I was reading my Bible this morning, I was reminded of a dream I had right before I woke up so I just finished reading (I’ll journal in a little bit) and wanted to share it before I forgot.  Now before I say what it is, I want to say I find it interesting, but I don’t necessarily find it prophetic.

I dreamt that I was walking through Discovery Church’s new building!  It was pretty vivid actually, but since a picture (or dream) is worth 1,000s of words, I’ll never do it justice.  It seemed like it was in a business area with a lot of foot traffic.  There was a huge welcoming all glass front where you could see inside the entire lobby area – seemed like that alone was 5,000 square feet with 30 foot ceilings, stairs leading to another level, lots of color and images of people and different ministry areas.

I was actually giving someone a tour of the place as it was being renovated/built and explaining how we were going to use the space.  The only mini-bummer was that Lora woke me before she left for work and I never got to any of the rooms or the worship area so I don’t know what it looked like!  But still, when I remembered what I was dreaming about a bit ago, I was encouraged to say the least.

Who knows if it will come to anything, but I don’t really care about that.  What encourages me more than anything is 1.) I remembered a dream (that rarely happens for me) and 2.) I dreamt about us, what God might do through us, Discovery Church.  And when I read in Ezekiel 39:27 that God plans to show himself holy through his people, people he’s brought back from their enemies, that’s what made me smile.

Keep praying Discovery.  Keep loving people.  Keep making friends and inviting them.  We can’t do much more than that, but God will show himself holy through his people!

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