Been Thinkin’ All Day

Last night Lora and I went to the FCA “chalkboard chatter”. It’s an annual event at the end of the year and they usually bring in a bigger name coach/athlete or two. Yesterday, Clyde Christensen, assistant coach with the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts was one of the guys who spoke. Shared some really valuable thoughts

Start with the end in mind – Tony Dungy wanted to impact his city by living for Christ, be a great coach and win the Super Bowl, in that order. He certainly impacted Tampa as evidenced by the thousands who came out to show their support at the funeral for his son James. He’s a great coach, and now he’s won a the Super Bowl. Made me really consider if I had the end in mind….with my kids or with the church. I do, but it seems a little too vague so I’m sharpening that view more now

The route to the end isn’t always the shortest – people don’t usually see getting fired as a good thing, but when Clyde looks back over his career and sees what he’s learned, who he met and how he grew through those experiences, he’s glad he’s been fired more than once. For me, I so want to be able to know that my kids will know and follow Christ and that Discovery is successful, but I can’t find that out unless I take the long route of consistent effort in the same direction over time.

I’ve been pondering that all day. Where’s the end? Am I willing to stick with the game plan no matter how long it takes to get there? What difference will it make and will it be worth it? I’m determined to do a better, more focused job and get back to work.

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