Wow, that’s a long drive, but we’re back in town. Unleash was great. Left early this morning and took a different route which ended up being 100+ miles of back woods, South Carolina country roads. Still got Davey home pretty close to when he needed to be here though. And my fine traveling companions didn’t do anything to ease the monotony, they all slept! Thanks a lot guys.

Still processing a lot of what was talked about. All too often I want to come back and just change everything but that wouldn’t be the best idea. So I’ll chew on stuff for a few days and pray some more about stuff I was thinking about before we even went. We’ll see and you’ll hear or notice if we make any changes.

I will say this though, next year we’re bringing a bunch more people – so worth the trip even if it is a good days drive.

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  1. Davey Kolk March 15, 2008

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