Back To The Water

Last Friday some of the students went to Green Springs and had so much fun they decided to go again today. Since Mom is out of town and I have most of my stuff done for the weekend, I took the boys with me. They’re way more fearless than their dad.

Since there were a bunch of other locals around there, we decided to order enough pizza for lunch so everyone could eat – our way of saying God loves you and so do we. Ran out of drinks and didn’t have much left of 15 pizzas. People didn’t quite know what to say (but at least they said thanks)

Some people think that evangelism is all about what you say. I used to think like that. But it’s not. It’s just as much and probably more about what you do. Do you listen? Do you serve? Do you share? Do you encourage? Do you bless?

Today we used pizza. Started a few conversations and opened these guys up to at least wanting to hear about why we would buy them pizza and drinks. Once they ask, THEN we can talk. Before that, they didn’t want to hear and probably wouldn’t listen. If I’m going to tell them about Jesus, I’d rather have them wanting to know then wanting to leave, how ’bout you?

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