Back Again

OK…been off here for a while because I was too stupid to actually go to the link on our website and click on “blogs” and just clicked on my shortcut (not knowing that our webmaster moved it to here). Oh well, figured it out now.

As I type, my kitchen is being destroyed and prepared for new tile on the floor. When we bought the house, the tile job the previous owners did was, let’s just say, not that good. To make a long story short, somehow our realtor was able to get someone to pony up and replace it all. So that’s great news, it’s just a mess (and the doors have been open all day while they’re tearing it out so when I got home it was 81 degrees INSIDE)

Pool Update
The update is. . . I haven’t done anything with it in ove a week except drain it 3 times (it kept raining – dumb Alberto) and frankly I don’t want to have to shell out money for a new liner. But, I will and hopefully will have it up and running BEFORE the baby gets here.

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