Away From Home

Haven’t posted for a few days and am finding that it’s a little harder to do that when I don’t have my wife around to help with kids, laundry, cooking and all the rest of the stuff so many single parents deal with everyday (talk about perspective). Anyhow, talked with Lora and was told that my 7 month old has green snot, 102 fever and is tugging at her ear, my 3 year old is coughing, Lora’s sister has a sore throat and thinks she might have strep and her two kids are coughing and snotting still. Lora’s the only healthy one and it’s quite obvious she’s not in the best environment.

As I thought about that, I thought about friends and eternity. All things considered, we’re not “home” yet. We get however many years here on earth to make a difference and hopefully to be made different by Christ. We’re out of town let’s say. And depending on our choices we sometimes end up surrounded by unhealthy and sick people where if we spend too much time there, we’ll end up sick too. Other times, we’re in a safe and healthy environment and the rest of the time, we’re in some sort of combination.

If we’ve got friends or family that are sick and far from home, we can’t just leave ’em behind. So what do we do? 1) Stay healthy for starters – stay connected to Christ. Spend time reading the Bible and talking with God. Know what he’s called you to do. 2) Help others get healthy – offer hope, direction and the encouragement of knowing that there’s a better place, but right now we’re just away from home.

If you think about it, it makes sense. My home is still being built and until I move in, I need to stay healthy and help others get healthy. Sounds alot like loving God and loving others. Sounds alot like following Jesus.

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