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Just had a conversation and I think I figured out why it’s so hard as a pastor to handle Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day) and it’s because, on days like these, there’s a tendency to switch the focus to the people in the audience instead of staying focused on Jesus. I’m not saying mothers and fathers aren’t important. I am saying they’re not more important than Jesus.

Jesus should alway get head billing, not mothers, fathers, veterans, servicemen, teachers, pastors etc. I’m tempted to say something tomorrow like…today is a day we set aside in order to honor our mothers, but this hour we’ve set aside to honor Christ. There’s no better way to honor your mom than to live in a way that honors the lord.

I don’t want to sound like there shouldn’t be any relevance with what’s going on around us whether it’s holidays, TV and movies or local culture, because that would be wrong too. It’s just that I needed that reminder (correction?) that the audience isn’t just mothers. Everyone who comes should be challenged to live more like Christ, and yes, one way to do that is to honor your mother.


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