Have you ever been so frustrated at something you just wanted to chuck it across the room? I am feeling that urge right now. We’ve recently changed over some stuff behind the scenes with our website, email and blog (like the new look?) and I’m having problems.

So I spent over an hour on the phone with our web administrator trying to figure out why the new email wouldn’t work and how to get it fixed and up and running (it’s kind of an important tool). Let’s just say the cable modem and ISP don’t make it easy to find out what’s wrong or fix it, but it was finally back on line. Too much. Let me explain. I can get the email, read, and delete it, but inevitably it will download again. And again. And again. Up to 12 times I’ve had it happen. Not only that, I get the same email, days after I’ve dealt with it, and it shows up in my list, days ago. Just tonight I went to check and found I had over 50 messages (in the last 20 minutes!) I think I’ll fix it with a hammer.

This looks better, but I wanted to upload a picture of Brent and Dusty (new staff) yet I can’t upload any new photos…can’t even get to a dialogue where I could blame my ineptitude. So, text it is.

I try to send out a prayer update every Monday, and I have for the past couple weeks as we’ve gone through these changes. Guess what? That’s right, they aren’t getting through. I think the listserve didn’t get transferred. It’s saying my emails are getting sent and I don’t get any error messages, but I don’t know who they’re going to. Whoever they are, I hope they enjoy them.

It sure would be nice if we could figure out what our problem is on Sunday’s and why we are having a hard time making a decent recording. I’d kinda like to make our messages available, but frankly, the quality stinks. We talked with some guys who may be able to help, but I’m sure they’ll also expect to be paid. If they’ll take $20 we’ll be ok otherwise, we’ll just have to do what most church plants do….go without or figure it out. We’ll keep you posted.

I’ve got small group now, so perhaps my computer is saved for the moment.

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