Almost Forgot….

I still haven’t recovered from the “Shock and Awe” pastor appreciation deal that people pulled off on Sunday. Yep, we’re at the end of the service, I’m coming back to answer questions that people wrote and there’s other people on the stage – uninvited people. Now I know them and know they wouldn’t try to mess things up, but it threw off my thoughts. So they get up there, call Claude and Sheila and Davey and Janelle up and proceed to give us all gifts. Hot dog! They gave Lora and me a gift certificate to hit a bed and breakfast of our choice for a weekend and they remembered to provide babysitting!!!! Claude and Sheila got the same thing (and a few other things) and Davey and Janelle got cold hard cash (since their not married yet and figured that a weekend away at a bed and breakfast wouldn’t be much fun for Davey to do by himself).

All I can say is that I love these people. I love Discovery Church. I love this job. Thanks

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