A Pool Would Be Nice

This is what happens when you try to save some money and ignore nearly everyone’s advice and try to re-install the liner that was previously used in a pool. You see, the liners shrink and when they shrink, they don’t fit (even if it looks like they fit).


Almost a month ago, I started filling the pool with water….everything looked so promising. My wife and I went out on a date, left the kids with someone and left the water on. We came back and they said they’d been hearing “booms” and “cracks” and thought we were playing a joke on them. I went to investigate and saw that all the incoming water weighed too much for the liner to support and it just pulled down the wall until the liner finally came off. I took the hint and shut off the stupid hose.

Back To Work

So today I thought I’d go back to work (since there’s no baby yet and I most likely have until Tuesday) Got the old liner drained and out last night and figured today I’d just get some more sand, smooth it all out again, lay out the liner, start filling it with water, and be done by this afternoon. Silly me, nobody sells sand on Saturday. Seriously. I should have known I guess. Now I have Monday to get it done, but we’ve got to be to the hospital Monday evening. Let’s hope things go better than the first time.

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