A Choice To Make

I was just finishing catching up on the dozen or so blogs I read and I’ve gotta tell you – I’m stoked. I read these things that some of these other guys around the country are doing and how God is blessing their ministries and efforts and I could get discouraged.

But you know what? We’re not them. I’m not them. The one thing that we do share in common though is that we’re on the same team. We work for the same God. Our dreams of seeing hundreds of lives changed overlap. AND – we can learn from each other.

There’s a choice to make. Compare, feel small and quit, or look at what God’s doing and know that he could do more and greater things right here. I’m challenged, not discouraged. Challenged to get back to work. Challenged to take risks. Challenged to do it big. Challenged to pray more and harder. Challenged to spend money we don’t have (yet) to reach people who don’t know Jesus (yet) so we can impact a community that doesn’t know what it’s missing (yet).

I’m glad it’s summer time and we’ve got other people speaking. It gives me time to think, dream, listen and plan for our future. Whatever it is, it’s going to be good because God is good. he keeps showing me that here and around the country.

Pray for these guys. Pray for their churches and pray for me and Discovery Church.

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