One of the things that I totally love about church-planting in general and Discovery is no exception, is the commitment of the people who “get it.”  Those people who understand why we are a church that tries to be involved in the community, in building relational bridges with people who aren’t in church and are sometimes far from God, and aren’t content to stay in our “holy huddle.” 

Of course not everybody gets it, and even those who do don’t always get it right away, but just like growth, understanding doesn’t happen all at once.  It’s a process and as best I can tell, here are some of things we do to help people “get it.”

Give people a chance – too often people are prejudged
Give people an opportunity – we’ll never know if they get it and neither will they if we don’t give them opportunities to demonstrate it (like serving or even leading something)
Give people time – it takes some people longer than others, so we don’t write people off if they don’t buy into our vision right off the bat
Celebrate successes – we make a big deal over the “little” things and recognize people for their contributions that help us impact people (no matter how “small” they might seem)
Encourage – we encourage every attempt, every step in the right direction

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