2 Years – Yea God!

Yesterday we had the privilege of doing what a few too many new churches never get to do – celebrate a milestone of 2 years of ministry.  That’s right, by some measurements, 80% don’t make it to this point.  I’ve gotta say, I honestly don’t think that’s true.  In fact, I’d bet 80% make it and only 20% don’t.  But still, there are some churches that don’t even get to where we are and we’re just getting started!

So what’s happened over the last couple of years?  Obviously, my family and I have moved, and we’ve seen others move here to be a part of what God is doing as well – Claude and Sheila, Randy and Laci, Ben…and more are on the way (at least that’s what they tell me!)  Thirty people have crossed over the line of faith and started a relationship with Christ.  34 have publicly acknowledged Him through baptism (make that 40 after yesterday).  We’ve connected with thousands of people in our community, have a favorable reputation, allow saints and sinners to feel welcomed but not comfortable staying where they’re at, we’ve served 1000’s for free by giving away gift certificates, laundering, sunscreen, bug wipes, car washes ,yard work, food, candy, flowers (anything that says “we care”).  We’ve provided some support for two church plants in town, supported the Carolina Pregnancy center, worked with numerous groups while at the Boys and Girls Club and given to missions and missionaries at least $35,000 these past few years.  We’ve even been in three different locations and gone from about 10 of us to the 200 or so we had this past weekend.

Man, God is good.  Can I get a stinkin’ AMEN!  Can’t wait to see what he does in and with Discovery and His people here over the next two years.  I’m pretty sure of this though….we aren’t dreaming nearly big enough.  I mean, Paul throws the smack down in Ephesians 3:20 saying basically that…go ahead and dream….we have no idea!


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